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Pirates at Rockies: More Schedule Shenanigans

06.09.16 Posted by

Locke vs. Bettis, 5:10 PM

After an impromptu doubleheader that seems to have seriously affected the outcome of yesterday’s game, the Pirates now fly from Pittsburgh to Colorado for one makeup game, and then immediately back to Pittsburgh for another home series. This is, of course, absurd: the Pirates don’t play the Rockies again, so they can’t tack this on to an existing series, but you have to imagine they could’ve tacked it on to an existing road trip, rather than having two cross-country flights slicing up what would’ve otherwise been a nine-game homestand.

But fair or not, sensible or not, that’s how it’s going down.

Jeff Locke throws for the Pirates, and the dude’s just been flat-out good for the last few weeks. The Bucs have won his last four starts, and he’s gone into the 7th in all of them. He started to turn his season around against these very same Rockies, also Colorado, by throwing six shutout innings and striking out eight. This came immediately after his implosion in San Diego.

The Rockies counter with Chad Bettis, who’s been about as good as Locke, but pretty unlucky. He started opposite Locke in the turnaround game I mentioned above, too, and the Bucs got to him for four runs in six innings, even though he induced 16 ground balls.

Normally I’d like this matchup plenty, but that flight has me worried. First pitch is at 5:10 PM.

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