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Pirates at Mets: Back Into the Gauntlet

06.14.16 Posted by

TBD vs. deGrom, 7:10 PM

Yesterday, the Pirates finally got a day off. It’ll be their last day off, barring a postponement, over the next 16 days. That isn’t too bad, except that a) the Pirates are pretty banged up and b) their opponents over that time period (and beyond) are pretty brutal.

Regarding point a), we still don’t know how hurt Gerrit Cole is, and thus, we still don’t have a starter announced for tonight’s game. Rumblings are it could be Taillon, and while that’s sort of exciting, the excitement of seeing Taillon this year was at least partially based in the idea that he’d replace Locke or Nicasio. If he’s replacing Gerrit Cole, that’s somewhat less exciting.

Whoever throws, they go up against Jacob deGrom. deGrom’s topline numbers are ace-esque, but his peripherals suggest he’s been Good But Not Great. We faced him in the last Mets’ series and scored three runs in six innings, though he racked up nine strikeouts, didn’t walk anyone, and didn’t allow a home run.

It’s been hard judging this team’s potential all year, and it’s even harder now with Cervelli out and Cole possibly following him shortly on the DL. If that happens, the Pirate offense is going to have to hit a new level to keep the ship afloat.

First pitch is at 7:10 PM.

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