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New Day, Same Loss: Marlins 3, Pirates 2

06.02.16 Posted by

For the second consecutive day, the Pirates struggled mightily against the Marlin starter, their own starter matched them (but was shakier most of the way) most innings, but eventually relented in a multi-run inning. And in both games the Pirates put guys on base and had bad-to-moderate success at driving them in.

The one exception re: base runners was Matt Joyce’s two-run single to tie the game in the seventh. At that point, I was pretty confident the Pirates were going to win the game, largely because the tail end of our bullpen (if not the middle of it) is probably still better than theirs. But that ended up being the weak point: Tony Watson gave up a run, which is not a very Tony Watson thing to do.

It’s not terrible that the Bucs didn’t score off of Adam Conley, but it’s pretty bad that they didn’t manage a hit off of him until the 6th. Conley has that kind of stuff, but it’s still a disappointing start for an offense like this against almost anyone, and in this case the difference between being shut down by Conley and scratching out a run against him in the first half of the game was enough to swing the outcome.

Niese was solid, giving up two runs in five innings, striking out six. He’s been awfully steady lately, and the start he put together tonight is good enough for this offense to carry the day on most games. It just wasn’t this time.

The Bucs have lost two in a row, albeit the two games in the series they were most likely to lose. The Cubs won, so the Bucs are 7.5 games back again.

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