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Here’s What Bucco Bloggers Predict Will Happen in the 2nd Half

07.19.13 Posted by

I decided to contact a bunch of the top Pirates’ bloggers from around the interwebz and see if there was any kind of consensus on the team’s second half prospects. Here are the results:




So, it runs the gamut from 85 (ouch) to 94. That means that the most optimistic of these predictions still only has us going 38-31 the rest of the way, a .550 winning percentage. Sober assessment of overachievement, or just a simple hey-that-cheese-shocks-me-whenever-I-grab-it S&R bond? You be the judge.

It’s worth noting that the average of both the individual predictions and the algorithmic ones are almost identical (91.25 and 91.70, respectively), though it’s fair to assume the latter is influencing the former.

Whatever the correlation, the consensus is that the Bucs will play a little over .500 the rest of the way and finish in the low 90s.

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